Gibraltar Met Data Portal

Welcome to the Government of Gibraltar Met Data Portal. This resource is designed to provide simple access to and analysis of the Government’s meteorological data.

The Gibraltar Met Data Network comprises six monitoring stations, three of which also form part of the Gibraltar Air Quality Monitoring Network.

Detailed information

The satellite map, to the left, indicates the location of the monitoring stations. To reveal information about a specific station, click on the pin on the map, or go to the ‘Site Information’ tab above. To output data from the network for further analysis or use, visit the ‘Data Download’ tab above. For more incisive analysis and access to tailored visualisation tools, visit the ‘Analyse Data’ tab above. View more information on the data.

Met data Dashboard (near real-time data)

Site Temperature (oC) Wind speed (ms-1)
Wind direction (o)
Rainfall (mm) Solar Intensity (Wm-2) Pressure (mbar)
Cemetery Office
Some parameters at this monitoring site are currently offline
Current -
Dial showing the wind direction at Cemetery Office 65
Speed: 65
Direction: 0
Daily total 0.10
14 1010
Daily Max. Monthly total 0.45
Monthly Max. - Annual total 15.14
Bruce's Farm Current 25
Dial showing the wind direction at Bruce's Farm 10
Speed: 10
Direction: 185
Daily total 0.37
9 991
Daily Max. 26 Monthly total 1.78
Monthly Max. 39 Annual total 50.36
Caleta Palace Hotel Current
Dial showing the wind direction at Caleta Palace Hotel
Daily total
Daily Max. Monthly total
Monthly Max. 29 Annual total 42.55
Rosia Road Current 18
Dial showing the wind direction at Rosia Road 1
Speed: 1
Direction: 162
Daily total 1.69
15 Not measured
Daily Max. 20 Monthly total 8.76
Monthly Max. 34 Annual total 103.80
Withams Road Current 18
Dial showing the wind direction at Withams Road 1
Speed: 1
Direction: 145
Not measured Not measured Not measured
Daily Max. 20
Monthly Max. 33
Bleak House Current 17
Dial showing the wind direction at Bleak House 5
Speed: 5
Direction: 208
Not measured 13 Not measured
Daily Max. 19
Monthly Max. 34

Note: The dashboard presents provisional measurements and are GMT+1 hour ending

The Dashboard shows latest, near real-time measurements for each station. The value of met data for climatological applications is in the data volume over a long time period. For this reason, it is likely that the Data Download functionality or the Analysis Data functionality will become increasingly useful as time goes by and data volumes become sufficient to allow robust analysis.

There are no formal QA procedures undertaken on these data, therefore it is strongly recommended that the user undertakes a critical review of the data to ensure confidence in the results.